By Mike Legris, Aug 11 2013 06:11PM

What long telephoto will suit me best ? Is the bokeh better with a crop sensor or a full frame ?

Lots of questions, hard to answer when it comes to buying an expensive piece of equipment.

Thanks to my friend Aidan, we managed to combine just what we needed for this little comparison.

For this we used:

Canon 5D mkIII

Canon 6D: just to see if we had a different image quality, which is not noticible.

Canon 7D : x1.6 crop sensor.

Canon EF 400/5.6 L

Canon EF 300/4 IS L (IS off)

Canon EF 70-200/4 IS L (at 200, IS off)

All this on a tripod set at the same position. Focus spot in the middle of the frame on the teddys eye.

First, I will show you every image as shot, each time at f5.6, 1/100, iso 500 and white balance on day light. The tripod was set 9m (30') from the teddy.

Then, I will show you all the images cropped the same way, as you would do in a real life situation.

1 Lets start with a 400mm on the 7D = 640mm

You are getting close, very close with this set up !

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